FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

  • What kind of products does Fusteria i Ebenisteria Alvaro offer? In Fusteria i Ebenisteria Alvaro we are specialists in the elaboration of any type of wooden design piece with the highest strength and quality. We elaborate from structures, internal and external elements such as doors and windows, to wood handicraft creations such as furniture and decorative elements. Check our services of both general carpentry and handicraft carpentry. If you need wood-based structures, wood furniture or unique handicrafts in wood or limited series, contact us!
  • What is the difference between general carpentry and handicraft carpentry? In Fusteria i Ebenisteria Alvaro we do both general and handicraft carpentry. The difference lies in the origin of each speciality. In general carpentry , we use techniques based on the most structural and functional carpentry to create internal and external elements, such as doors, windows, kitchens, etc. On the other hand, in handicraft carpentry we apply all our skills as craftsmen and woodworkers. We work the wood in a handmade way from our knowledge and expertise in wood and its natural properties. Fusteria i Ebenisteria Alvaro is the perfect combination to transform common elements into unique, amazing and highest quality wooden pieces.
  • Is it possible to have a look at some samples of our work? To get an idea of what we can create for you, you can have a look at the sections of general carpentry and handicraft carpentry, where there are samples of some of our previous creations. And remember, wood is our speciality, so if you are interested in quality and exclusive woodworking, contact us!
  • How is the delivery performed and what is the delivery time? All our projects are personalized, with particular dimensions and out of any massive production, so that the delivery method and delivery time might vary. When the budget is requested, we offer this information in an approximate way for each particular project.