In Fusteria i Ebenisteria Alvaro we design and install all type of furniture for custom handicraft wooden bedrooms. We create solid wood cabinets with drawers, structures for double beds, structures for individual beds, drawers, handcrafted wooden changing rooms, engraved headboards, nightstands, doors, auxiliary furniture in wood, etc.

We work with all type of natural woods, both noble and solid woods, such as pine wood, ash, oak, hard maple, cherry, walnut, among many others, from countries that manage their forests in a sustainable way. The treatment of wood and finishes are also made with organic products, such as vegetable waxes, beeswax, vegetable oils, natural dyers, etc.

The handicraft wood gives us a wide range of possibilities when creating warm bedrooms, combining design and functionality at the same time. If you want a unique personal space, contact us!

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