Unique wooden projects

Wood is a natural, noble, resistant and flexible material, all at the same time, features that allow creating unique projects. The smell, touch, colour, shapes… Their peculiarities transform wood creations into a counterpoint of perfect naturalness to create warm and elegant atmospheres full of personality.

  • Wood craftsmen

    We have grown between sawdust and shavings. We handle the most traditional wooden work techniques complemented with new technologies. As carpenters and craftsmen, we love working wood in a craft way and knowing their natural properties to beautify it the most and create unique pieces

  • Custom wood pieces

    In Fusteria i Ebenisteria Alvaro, we study each project to design and create personalized products that respond to the needs of our customers. We can create exclusive pieces or limited series. Each of our projects and wood pieces is different.

  • Wide variety of products

    Wooden doors, wooden windows, wooden tables, decorative wooden elements, shelves, drawers, beds, dressers, closets, utensils, and a long list of wooden products. As you can see, in Fusteria i Ebenisteria Alvaro we are experts in wood. We design and manufacture all kind of general carpentry and handicraft carpentry carpentry. We can create unique pieces or limited series.

  • Strength and the highest quality

    These features are only possible with the mixing of solid wood and hands-on experience. As craftsmen, we believe that the natural qualities of wood must be preserved, since only in that way exceptional works arise. With the proper use and suitable maintenance, wood works last a lifetime.

  • Style and personality

    Let yourself be seduced by the purity, authenticity, warmth and elegance of wood. We take care of creating wooden works that combine both functionality and design at the same time. We have the technical knowledge to design and build structures and wooden furniture from a more constructive, functional and architectural point of view, while having the required talent to use the tools and techniques for cutting wood and creating original artwork pieces. Structures, joints, lace… In Fusteria i Ebenisteria Alvaro, we endow both functional and aesthetic potential for every piece of wood.

  • Feeling at home

    Professionalism should always exists, but without losing proximity and human warmness. For us, each one of our customers is unique. That’s why we want you to be happy with the resultant wood product as well as with the way we attend you.

  • Ecological woods and finishes

    One of the particular features of our handicraft products is the use of selected raw materials. We use noble woods from countries that manage their forests in a sustainable way. The treatment of wood and finishes are also made with organic products.