Fusteria i Ebenisteria Alvaro, wood craftsmen

In Fusteria i Ebenisteria Alvaro, we are focused with all our passion on our job as wood craftsmen since 1979. Our experience as carpenters and craftsmen allows us to adapt to the needs of our customers to always offer the best personalized solutions from the creation of all kind of general carpentry and handicraft carpentry products for individuals and companies.

Unique designs, strength and quality are the attributes that best define our products. With a long and solid track record in this trade, we have a commitment to the quality of our projects. We enjoy working the wood in a handmade basis, combining traditional and modern techniques that allow us to achieve the best finishes. Moreover, we are very creative and love to innovate, that is why we have been recognized with Tradició i Arrels Award 2014 (tradition and roots) during the VI Fair of Handicrafts and Wood at La Sénia (Catalonia) for our unique three-point closing system.

Inborn talent and passion for wood transmitted from father to son, and that Roger Valldepérez now assumes to continue shaping your ideas.

Roger Valldepérez, the wood craftsman

Roger is the second generation to continue the artisan tradition of Fusteria i Ebenisteria Alvaro. Son of Alvaro Valldepérez, the founder and Master Craftsman of Wood, we could say that Roger was born in the sawmills and shavings that aroused his vocation for this trade.

From a very young age, Roger had clear that wood had to be the raw material in his professional career. Through the years, Roger has complemented his training as a carpenter with Interior Design, which allows him to create all kind of forms and structures to respond to your needs.

As a wood craftsman certified by the Consortium of Commerce, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia (CCAM) with professional ID number 15.549, Roger gives the company a modern vision that, combined with traditional techniques, gives infinite possibilities to continue designing and manufacturing the unique pieces with the highest quality, key features of Fusteria i Ebenisteria Alvaro.

Alvaro Valldepérez, 1st generation

This project started with Alvaro’s dream. Perhaps it was the touch, smell, the warmth of the wood or a mixture of everything, but, without a doubt, the fact of having grown up between the woods clearly marked Alvaro’s intention to dedicate himself to the carpenter’s office from since very young. Thanks to his commitment, devotion and constant effort he was certified as Master Craftsman of Wood by the Consortium of Commerce, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia (CCAM).

Beyond carpentry, Alvaro has transmitted his knowledge as a teacher for years. His experience is a slow-burning process, resulting in years of constant training and learning. The result is Fusteria i Ebenisteria Alvaro’s distinctive stamp of design, strength and high quality, a stamp that will now continue thanks to the second generation of the family.